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Lafert S.p.A.

The Lafert Group is a leading European motor company that has built a reputation for the manufacture of customised or specially engineered Electric Motors & Drives. Lafert has identified several applications where lifetime reliability, weight, size and efficiency can be key factors for a drive motor within the Wind Industry. These may include: Yaw and Pitch drives, Hydraulics, Pumps, Ventilation and lifts for service or personnel.


Standnummer: 2B07
Lafert S.p.A. J. F. Kennedy, 43 30027 San DonĂ  di Piave
Phone: +39 0421 229 611 Fax: +39 0421 222 908 Mail: Website:


Hans Frontschek

Sales management

Tel.: +49 4841 902-334




Alina Pietsch

Sales assistance

Tel.: +49 4841 902-492