Partner country 2023 – Lower Saxony

Lower Saxony is the partner state of HUSUM WIND 2023. The state will be represented at this year’s fair by more than 40 companies, including major industry players, small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups, associations and funding bodies.

Lower Saxony and the other northern German states play a pioneering role in the expansion of renewable energy. Every fifth kilowatt hour generated from renewable sources in Germany is “Made in Lower Saxony”. With a share of renewable energies in gross electricity consumption of around 100 percent in 2022, Lower Saxony also has a high regenerative potential for the production of green hydrogen. As part of the joint North German Hydrogen Strategy, Lower Saxony has already defined goals and needs for action in this important area for the transformation of the economy in 2019.


Northern Germany and the North Sea and Baltic Sea are powerhouses for renewable energy, with huge potential that is being exploited efficiently and rapidly. The rapid expansion of onshore and offshore wind energy and the development of a comprehensive hydrogen economy are crucial prerequisites for achieving the national climate targets. Lower Saxony will play a central role in the future of Germany’s energy supply. By 2040, Lower Saxony aims to meet its energy needs entirely from renewable sources.


Together with North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony is one of the top 3 German states represented at HUSUM WIND 2023.

Lower Saxony’s Minister of Economic Affairs Olaf Lies ©Shino Photography

Minister Olaf Lies: “HUSUM WIND has been making an important contribution to the transformation of our energy system for years. As an established meeting place for the wind energy sector, it brings together national and international players to present the latest developments in the industry. We are therefore delighted to be the official partner country of HUSUM WIND in 2023.

Exhibitors from Lower Saxony