VDMA Lecture programme

VDMA Power Systems is the association for power plant construction. It represents the interests of manufacturers and suppliers of power and heat generation plants in Germany and abroad. This includes wind energy, photovoltaic and hydroelectric power plants, engines and thermal power plants, as well as storage and sector coupling technologies. The VDMA Power Systems serves as a cross-technology information and communication platform with a focus on energy and industrial policy, innovations and technology, markets and trade fairs as well as Press and public relations. VDMA Power Systems is a trade association within the Here you can find events with VDMA participation.


Opening event of HUSUM WIND

(closed event by invitation of Messe und Congress GmbH)

10:55–11:40 a.m.
Opening press conference of HUSUM WIND


11:45 a.m. –12:30 p.m. 

VDMA Industry Panel: What is the state of the wind industry supply chain?

Speaker: Haras Najib, Referent Technologie & Innovation, VDMA Power Systems


  • Bernhard Zangerl, CEO, Bachmann electronic
  • Torsten Philipp, Managing Director, Geislinger GmbH

VDMA Industry Panel: European Wind Turbine Manufacturers – Quo Vadis? I Hall 3, Forum

Cost-cutting competition and insufficient market momentum, together with supply chain problems, have led to a trend that poses major challenges for companies. At the same time, there are ambitious political targets for onshore and offshore expansion. What is the perspective of European wind turbine manufacturers on this balancing act? How should the industrial policy approaches of the EU Green Deal Industrial Plan and the German government’s industrial strategy be assessed in the context of developments in the USA and China? What measures are needed to strengthen Europe’s manufacturers and suppliers? We will discuss these and other questions with high-ranking representatives of the OEMs.

Speaker: Dr. Dennis Rendschmidt | Geschäftsführer VDMA Power Systems


  • Dr. Jochen Eickholt I Chief Executive Officer Siemens Gamesa
  • Dr. Ilya Hartmann I Chief Financial Officer Nordex
  • Jens Kück I Senior Vice President Sales Onshore NCE Vestas
  • Uli Schulze Südhoff I Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Enercon

VDMA Talk: Securing skilled labour I Hall 3, Forum

Almost 60 percent of the employees in the mechanical and plant engineering sector are skilled workers. Alongside engineers, they shape the role of mechanical and plant engineering as a decisive enabler for green technologies. The successful recruitment and retention of skilled workers is of great importance to secure the growth potential in mechanical and plant engineering. Successful and proactive personnel marketing in mechanical and plant engineering can help to attract the best skilled workers and keep them in the company in the long term. By building a strong employer brand, addressing target groups in a targeted manner and creating an attractive working culture, the company can strengthen its competitiveness and fully exploit its growth potential.

Speaker: Haras Najib, Referent Technologie & Innovation, VDMA Power Systems


  • Gabriel Schwanzer, Chief Marketing, Sales & Automation, Bachmann electronics GmbH
  • Hans Schlingmann, Vice President Wind, Weidmüller Deutschland
  • Michael Tegtmeier, Geschäftsführer, Turbit Systems GmbH
  • Matthias Vittinghoff, Key Account Manager, ZF Wind Power

VDMA Talk: Creating value from machine data I Hall 3, Forum

The importance of information and data obtained from machines and plants is growing. Despite its increasing relevance, the targeted use of machine data remains a major challenge for many companies. The focus will be on how potential business partners can work together to overcome the obstacles and achieve fair value creation from machine data. Using case studies from the wind industry, the expert panel will discuss how companies can increase their productivity and efficiency and open up new business areas through better use of machine data.


VDMA Lecture: Grids I Hall 3, Forum

How can we keep our power grids safe and stable in the future? What contribution can wind energy make? The demands on generation and supply facilities to ensure grid stability are constantly increasing. At the same time, the new requirements have a major impact on the economic efficiency of the plants and their operation. This panel will discuss what lies ahead for the industry and what approaches manufacturers are taking in this area.



VDMA HAPPY HOUR I Alte Gastro (between NCC and Hall 5)

VDMA Power Systems and the Wind Industry Working Group invite you to a networking event in the Alte Gastro. With live music, we will round off the trade fair day with VDMA members and interested parties. Meet old and new friends. Registration is not necessary.



VDMA Industry Panel: Heavy haulage I Hall 3, Forum

In order to strengthen the wind industry again and to achieve the growing expansion targets, it is not only necessary to remove barriers in project approval, but also in transport. In a panel discussion with representatives of authorities, transport companies and turbine manufacturers, we will discuss how this can be achieved and how the growing expansion of wind energy in Germany can continue to succeed in the future.


Speaker: Sebastian Steul, Referent Technologie & Innovation, VDMA Power Systems



  • Torsten Conradt, Direktor Landesbetrieb Straßenbau und Verkehr Schleswig-Holstein
  • Kai Westphal, Head ofTransport Northern and Central Europe, Vestas
  • Arne Ehlers, Managing Partner, BREB GmbH & Co. KG, Cuxhaven
  • Enrico Theobald, Streckenführung und Außendienst, Balmer Spedition und LKW-Service GmbH
  • Carsten Butenschön, Direktor Niederlassung Nord, Autobahn GmbH



VDMA Industry Panel: What about the supply chain in the wind industry? I Hall 3, Forum

The wind industry faces a paradoxical situation: High expansion targets for wind energy are shaping the political framework, while at the same time there is a lack of market momentum that could boost production. We talk to manufacturers and suppliers about how they are responding to this market situation. What innovations and trends are they focusing on, and what are the prospects? We will discuss these and other questions in the expert panel.


12:30–12:50 pm.

DMA Lecture: Fact Check – No energy turnaround without PFAS? I Hall 3, Forum

Per- and polyfluorinated alkyl compounds (PFAS) are indispensable for many industrial processes. Including the wind industry. Yet the EU has called for a blanket ban on some 10,000 PFAS substances because some of them are harmful when released into the environment. This blanket regulatory approach threatens the production of wind turbines and other energy transition technologies – and is not based on sufficient science. Because most PFAS are not reportable, many stakeholders are unaware of the scope of such a comprehensive approach. PFASs are used in wind turbines in products such as film moulds (used as release agents in production), sealing rings, sliding pads, lubricants, Li-batteries or insulating gases for switchgear.