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Bitcoin: Fluch oder Seegen für die grüne Wende

Digital+ Forum Halle 1

Speaker: Sascha Grumbach, GM Data Centers AG
Bitcoin soll zur Transformation traditioneller Finanzsysteme beitragen. Doch das Schürfen neuer Bitcoin verbraucht viel Energie! Ist das schon alles oder steckt mehr hinter der innovativen Technologie die seit 2009 Experten auf der ganzen Welt begeistert.

Green Tech goes WEB3 – How trust anchors are revolutionising the way we share critical data

Digital+ Forum Halle 1

Speaker: Kai Siefert, Riddle & Code GmbH
Introduction of trust anchors as a groundbreaking solution for REDII compliant Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) processes. Emphasizing both the rise of Distributed Renewable Energy Resources (DERs) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the speech presents trust anchors as a way to securely identify and enable direct transactions between machines, bridging the gap between digital and physical worlds.

Accounting and Tracking emissions in complex energy value chains

Digital+ Forum Halle 1

Speaker: Lucas Zaehringer, micobo GmbH
We will show a real world use case demonstrating the MRV method, measure, record and verify in the bio fuel industry, including the generation, transfer and accounting of carbon certificates.

Herausforderung Digitalisierung in der Windenergie

Gemeinschaftsstand IHK Cottbus, Halle 1

Ertragsausfälle durch KI-gestützte Analyse frühzeitig erkennen
Michael Tegtmeier, Christian Fontius I Turbit Systems GmbH
Gemeinsam Windkraft voranbringen - mit Caeli Wind
Heiko Bartels I Caeli Wind GmbH
Digitales Ökosystem - Chancen und Mehrwerte für Dienstleister und Marktakteure
Marco Scharobe I IDASWIND GmbH

Challenges in the Integration of IT and OT in the Wind Energy Sector I SCADA MINDS

Digital+ Forum Halle 1

Speaker: Nicolai Cryer
Nicolai Cryer from SCADA MINDS sheds light on the crucial synergy between these two technological fronts.
Modern wind turbines generate massive amounts of data. In this post, we discuss the challenges associated with operationalizing the large volumes of data and the long and intricate path from Operational Technology (OT) to Information Technology (IT) that is necessary to operate and maintain the wind turbines.
Breaking Organizational Boundaries: Conway's Law states, "The structure of software will mirror the structure of the organization that built it," emphasizing that the structure of software reflects the organization's hierarchy. To achieve full integration between IT and OT, it requires breaking down organizational silos. In this post, Nicolai Cryer will illuminate how cross-organizational collaboration, clear business objectives, and a visionary DevOps approach are the keys to success.
Creating Confidence through Simulation: OT simulation is a critical part of the effective DevOps process. With a focus on integrity and cybersecurity, it is often highly advantageous to conduct virtual simulations of OT systems, enabling comprehensive validation of OT/IT integration software. This allows for testing and optimizing the software without affecting active installations.