Meeting place, workbench and shop window of the wind industry

As the showcase for innovative wind technology and solutions, we invite manufacturers and suppliers, operators, project developers and service providers, utility companies, municipalities and investors from all parts of the world to join us again in 2021 to learn about energy transition and wind power in action – with a special practical and market orientation – in an environment full of pioneering spirit and innovative power.

The greater part of Germany’s energy transition is taking place in Schleswig-Holstein! This is what makes us special and what so attracts exhibitors and visitors to HUSUM Wind. As reference market and representing so many years of experience, developments in the German (wind energy) market are also significant for markets beyond its borders.

HUSUM Wind has remained true to its mission since 1989: promoting wind energy as not only as an effective instrument in the battle against global warming and climate change – but also helping to pave the way to 100 % renewable energy and a secure energy supply. Husum is more than just a meeting place for wind pioneers. This is where the dynamism in the wind market is visible, this is where ideas and enterprises are inspired, where solutions are sought and found, where innovations are given a showcase and find their market. This is where dialogue counts.

And: Here in Schleswig-Holstein you can see and experience how wind farms are developed – in and with a region. This is where sceptics become advocates.

The hub of the wind world

Exhibitors and visitors to HUSUM Wind have been coming here from all over the world for the last 30 years. Because for anyone wanting to conquer the market in Germany and beyond, and strengthen its customer base in this leading wind energy region, HUSUM Wind is a must!

The benchmark for the worldwide development of the wind industry is set here in Germany. This is why Husum combines all aspects of wind energy. This ranges from single components and complete wind turbines to project planning, maintenance and repair, but also covers logistics, grid expansion, energy storage and system integration. This is where solutions for the future can be seen today.

The product and innovation exhibition

The wind energy market, of which Germany is the hub, is constantly developing. Research and development, also within the enterprises, are contributing to an increase in efficiency and a reduction in the prices of wind turbines.

Husum has always played a pioneering role when it comes to innovation in the wind industry, and our visitors are also able to visit a prototype test field situated nearby the exhibition site.

From 14 to 17 September 2021 Husum once again welcomes vendors from the wind industry who wish to showcase their products and innovations to the market in a traditional, time-tested format.

We have what you need

If you are involved in production, operation, maintenance and service, investment and planning, power supply, repowering, research and development, training and personnel procurement, then Husum is exactly the place for you.

Exhibition, congress and of course the town of Husum invited everyone to a dialogue in the heart of a wind landscape. The appealing atmosphere of the pubs and restaurants around the Husum harbour also contribute to the attractiveness of the Husum experience. After a hard day’s work exhibitors and visitors are able to deepen their industry and business contacts in a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Up to the next HUSUM Wind!



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