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Schraubenwerk Zerbst GmbH

Manufacture of standard and special bolts by warm forming procedure for the use in rotor blades, turbine rooms and tower fixing of wind turbine industry. Bolts in dimension M16x50 - M72x610 Strength grade according to DIN EN ISO 898-1 5.6-12.9 Certificate of compliance for high tensile bolt sets ENISO14399(n.DAST) up to M64, DIN 933, DIN 7968, ENISO14399-8


Standnummer: 3C14
Schraubenwerk Zerbst GmbH Altbuchsland 22 39261 Zerbst
Phone: 4903923 Fax: 4903923713200 Mail: Website:


Hans Frontschek

Sales management

Tel.: +49 4841 902-334




Alina Pietsch

Sales assistance

Tel.: +49 4841 902-492