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Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein (IB.SH)

The IB.SH is the central development bank of the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein. The bank is funding public and private investments and provides low-cost interest rates to private and public sector, offers consulting and other services. IB.SH has supported the wind energy sector in Schleswig-Holstein from the outset in its role as a leading advisor and financing instituion and has been involved in pioneering work as a result.


Standnummer: 1E41
Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein (IB.SH) Fleethörn 29-31 24103 Kiel
Phone: +49 (0)431 99050 Fax: +49 (0)431 99053383 Mail: Website:


Hans Frontschek

Sales management

Tel.: +49 4841 902-334




Alina Pietsch

Sales assistance

Tel.: +49 4841 902-492