New markets for energy transition made in Schleswig-Holstein: Habeck and the HUSUM Wind trade fair put their money on the emerging Indian wind market / Development of the US wind market uncertain after the election of Trump

Husum | Kiel – The development of the US wind market, the second most important wind market after China, looks rather uncertain under new president Donald Trump. According to his energy agenda the Republican plans to strengthen the role of fossil energy, increase investment in pipelines and withdraw from the Paris agreement of climate change. This means that for Germany, still Europe’s most important wind market, the markets in dynamic emerging markets will be all the more important in the future. Dr Robert Habeck, minister for energy transition in pioneering wind state Schleswig-Holstein, and the national wind industry trade fair HUSUM Wind recognised their potential early on and have set their sights on India, fast becoming a major wind power.


05.12.2016 // From 16 to 20 October, Habeck led a trade delegation organised by HUSUM Wind Tamil Nadu, India’s wind-richest region, and to the Intersolar India trade fair in Mumbai. «Energy transition cannot be a purely German project – we can only combat climate change if it also takes place in other regions as well. The energy transition is also an opportunity for emerging wind markets, which can profit the experiences of the German wind industry. Energy transition Made in Schleswig-Holstein can serve as a good example for India and show how a country can revolutionise its energy infrastructure», said Habeck.

The Indian wind market is booming: the Indian government in investing what it sees as an important economic factor with the planned installation of 30 GW by 2022. The ambitious emerging economy now boasts the world’s fourth largest amount of installed wind power behind Germany, and has already overtaken Spain, which is Europe’s second wind nation. Messe Husum has taken advantage of this development early on by establishing, in association with HUSUM Wind, the first German wind platform at India’s biggest solar trade fair, Intersolar India. Fair manager Peter Becker explains: «Technology and know-how from Germany are in great demand in India. For German businesses HUSUM Wind India offers interesting opportunities for entering the market.»

With the delegation led by Habeck, HUSUM Wind gave German industry players, including ARGE Netz GmbH & Co. KG and the Schleswig-Holstein Renewable Energy Network Agency (EE.SH), the chance to establish important contacts and gave them the opportunity to network with political agencies and key players in the Indian wind industry. The programme included visits to businesses, meetings with India’s renewable energy market leaders and government ministers in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra regions.

The impression gained by the delegates was positive across the board: the delegation and the HUSUM Wind Pavilion were seen to be complete successes. In just a few days the participants were able to have intensive discussions with the most important stakeholders about the subject of energy transition, establish promising business contacts and agree closer future collaboration with the Indian wind energy associations and the National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE).

What the delegation had to say:

Dr Robert Habeck, deputy minister-president and minister for energy transition, agriculture, environment and rural areas
«In India we can see how important renewable energy is for future energy supply. India’s plans to expand wind and solar energy, also in the Tamil Nadu region, is encouraging for genuine global climate protection. The international community has committed to this – also the USA. It is difficult to predict how climate protection will develop there under a President Trump, a climate change denier. It is therefore all the more important that we promote climate protection together with other states. I am pleased that we were able to get the first projects in India and cooperation agreements between players from Schleswig-Holstein and India off the ground.»

Peter Becker, managing director of Messe Husum & Congress GmbH & Co. KG
«Bearing in mind the dynamic growth of the Indian wind and solar sectors, many enterprises in India are involved in several sectors and are seeking products, solutions and services for wind and solar plants. This offers promising links to German businesses wanting to enter the Indian market. Messe Husum sees itself as a mediator in a regionally organised market that is mostly governed by different rules than those in Europe. We offer businesses a door-opening programme so that they can concentrate on their core business there.»

Dr Martin Grundmann, managing director of ARGE Netz GmbH & Co. KG
«India is a dynamic growth economy and one of Schleswig-Holstein’s core foreign markets. India does however still rely on coal and nuclear energy too much, and a lot can still be done in the renewable energy sector. What India initially needs is support with water supply and waste disposal. The trip took businesses and politicians to two main growth regions within just a few days, where it was possible to have intensive talks with ministries and businesses on the subject of energy policy.

India is just ten hours from Germany by air; there are distinctive support structures and a definite market for technology and know-how from Schleswig-Holstein. Grid operators and markets can get real-time data from plants with the aid of renewable power plant technology from ARGE Netz. Renewable hybrid systems using wind, solar and biomass technology are particularly efficient. It was possible to have ground-breaking discussions with both the National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) and with businesses that are members of the Indian wind industry association.»

Martin Kopp, project director at EE.SH
«By European standards, India is an extreme country and consequently not suitable for every type of business. There is however a demand and a high regard for expertise Made in Germany, especially in the areas of project development, consulting, research and development, training and retraining. One result of the delegation is the cooperation request we received from the National Institute of Wind Energy. We are currently looking at how it would be possible to expand the cooperation between EE.SH, providers from Schleswig-Holstein and Indian partners in the training sector. We are also looking for experts in the subjects of grid codes and test infrastructure. We are planning to organise a follow-up event at HUSUM Wind 2017.»

Robert Rudolf, Flensburg University of Applied Science
«Within the scope of the delegation and the trade fair we were able to establish contacts with three of the four most important wind turbine manufacturers and discovered several potential academic partners. NIWE could also be an important research partner, especially with regard to their expertise in the IT sector.»

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