Green Hydrogen

The global market for hydrogen technology is developing dynamically, and prospects are good for German companies to take advantage of this growth. Given its critical importance for Germany as an industry location, green hydrogen will again feature as a special topic at HUSUM WIND in 2023.
With its own Hydrogen Area in Hall 5 and corresponding forum program, the trade show is creating a dedicated platform with excellent networking opportunities to foster relations between the leading technology companies in this sector and end users. Northern Germany is exemplary in terms of establishing a green hydrogen economy in which wind power is the primary renewable energy source, and surplus wind power is used to implement a string of pilot projects.

Green hydrogen is regarded as the energy carrier of the future and an essential ingredient for a successful energy transition.

Hydrogen stores renewable energy

Electricity generated from renewable sources is utilized in electrolysis to split water up into oxygen and hydrogen. This produces gaseous green hydrogen which can be fed into and stored within the existing gas infrastructure. In the context of the energy transition, green hydrogen is therefore considered to be an important storage medium for energy 

from renewable sources which ensures availability regardless of weather conditions. Providing an uninterrupted supply of electricity even at times when wind turbines and photovoltaics plants are unable to deliver requires massive storage capabilities.