1. June 2021

Plarad bolting systems – A successful and safe connection

Plarad - eine sichere Verbindung

During the last 60 years Maschinenfabrik Wagner and our brand Plarad have stood for excellent quality, innovation, and reliability in the field of bolting technology. We have a total of 150 employees worldwide who are excellent in their field of providing safe, high-end products and services. 

With over 25 years of experience in bolting technology for wind energy, we offer efficient solutions for bolting starting from foundation to rotor blades.

We take pride in collaborating actively with the manufacturers, construction companies and many service targeted providers; we know the exact requirements in the areas of production, assembly and maintenance of wind turbines.

We focus on customized solutions, e.g. our new Safety Start Trigger (SST)

In close collaboration with an international manufacturer of wind turbines, we have optimized and tailored the safety and operation of our DA2 battery nutrunner.

The “two-hand operation” of the SST (see pic. at the right) minimizes the risk of injury without compromizing on the user-friendliness. Furthermore, the handle can be swivelled, thus allowing left and right-hand usage without any restrictions on the operability.

An additional handle simplifies the working process as the device can easily be lifted from bolt to bolt without stopping.

Our DA2 Safety Start Trigger does not only perfectly meet our customer’s requirements, but also benefit the entire industry.

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