Floor Plan for husum wind 2021


Yes, there will probably be at least one test centre in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition center.

Unfortunately, at the moment it is not expected that the one-way street system will be abolished. An individual adjustment of the routing is unfortunately not possible.

The QR codes are used only for the required contact tracking on the premises. A transmission of the contact data to the exhibitors is not intended.
All persons (visitors, exhibitors, service providers, employees, etc.) on the exhibition grounds must download the corresponding app onto their cell phone before entering the grounds. Which app will be used has not yet been finalized, but you will be informed in due time. Contact tracking is also mandatory at the exhibition stands. If you wish to use our system, we will provide you with the corresponding QR codes for entering and leaving your stand free of charge. The use of your own tracking system is also permitted.

Unfortunately, the distribution of food as “give-aways” is not currently permitted. Food and beverages may be served and consumed by trained catering personnel in a Corona-compliant area. Trained catering personnel are defined as individuals with a health certificate who are familiar with the current Corona and catering requirements. This falls under the area of booth catering. Unfortunately, serving for take-out or free consumption on the stand area is not permitted. Alternatively, a Corona-compliant self-service area could be considered.

At present, a negative test result (not older than 24 hours) must be presented when entering the exhibition grounds. In order to relieve the admission situation and to avoid long waiting times on site, we recommend that you carry out the Corona Test before arriving at the exhibition center. We will inform you of the test centers in the region in good time before the event. Persons who have been fully vaccinated and are recovering are exempt from the testing requirement. The respective proof must be provided upon entry.

We have to follow the current step plan in Schleswig-Holstein, but we hope that in september there will not be any more restrictions. (Currently it is 7m² per person).

All exhibitors are urged by the concept not to arrive with unnecessarily large numbers of staff, so that as many visitors as possible can be admitted to the halls and stands in the event that it becomes necessary to limit the number of participants again.

Relaxations will be discussed in our hygiene experts’ circle in each case after announcement and decided whether and how they will be implemented/passed on for HUSUM Wind 2021. The highest priority is the safety of all exhibitors, visitors and employees!

You are obliged to comply with the specified hygiene standards. The booking of a runtime cleaning through us or another service provider is not essential, as long as you can manage the compliance with the guidelines independently.

Based on the event staging plan of the Schleswig-Holstein state government, we currently assume that if the Covid19 situation continues to develop positively, there will be no limit to the number of participants at the trade show in September.

When handing out brochures and the like, the stand operator should ensure for hygiene reasons that the documents cannot be put back.

The responsible person does not have to be from the exhibitor directly. It is only important that the person has responsibility for everything that happens on the stand and that the responsibility does not end with their trade.
The exhibitor should have the delegation of responsibility and liability confirmed in writing so that in the event of a problem, responsibilities and authority are clearly defined.

Exhibitors are obliged to draw up an individual hygiene concept for their stand in accordance with the Hygiene Guide and to keep it on the stand for inspection by the authorities and the organizer at all times. Approval by Messe Husum & Congress is not required. On-site inspections will be carried out more frequently by the authorities and Messe Husum & Congress.

There are no requirements for your internal hygiene concept. In the hygiene guide, you will find an overview of the required points on the last page.

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