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WindGuard Certification issues type certificate for Adani Wind Turbine

Cooperation and synergies within the WindGuard Group accelerate the process

Lars Weigel (centre), Managing Director of WindGuard Certification, and Dr. Kumaravel Rathinavel (right), Managing Director of Deutsche WindGuard India, formally present Milind Kulkarni (left), Chief Operating Officer of Adani Wind with the Type Certificate for Adani’s new 5.2 MW Wind Turbine Generator.

Husum, 2023-09-13: WindGuard Certification GmbH officially presented the type certifi- cate for India’s largest wind turbine generator (WTG) made by Adani Wind, the wind energy solutions division of Adani New Industries Limited (ANIL), today at the Husum Wind trade show in Germany. WindGuard Certification, the internationally recognised and in- dependent certification body from Varel, Germany, completed the type certification for Adani Wind’s new 5.2 MW WTG in accordance with IECRE OD-501 within 18 months.


“The type certificate affirms that this wind turbine and its components comply with the applicable directives and standards,” said Lars Weigel, Managing Director of Wind- Guard Certification. “This enables Adani to start series production. And the certification under IECRE provides Adani not only highest quality and safety standards, but above all the option for international recognition of their product.”


“Our 5.2 MW platform is the most powerful onshore WTG made in India. With a tip height of 200 meters and a rotor diameter of 160 meters, it is designed for higher energy yield with the aim to reduce the levelised cost of energy. It is a testament of our R&D efforts to enable higher Annual Energy Production (AEP) of wind power plants and to enhance the ROI for customers,” said Vneet Jaain, Managing Director, Adani New Industries Limited.


The design basis evaluation in March 2022 was the first crucial step in the certification process. Subsequently, the WindGuard Certification team conducted the design evalu- ation and the main components’ manufacturing evaluation at the production sites. Affiliated company Deutsche WindGuard Consulting concurrently performed the type testing of the WTG prototype installed by Adani in Mundra, India, towards the end of 2022. This included mechanical load and power curve tests, while WindGuard Certifica- tion carried out the required power quality tests. All measurement results were incor- porated into the final evaluation.

“Our office in Chennai supported WindGuard Certification with the project management and maintained close contact with Adani at all times during the project,” added Dr. Kumaravel Rathinavel, Managing Director of Deutsche WindGuard India. “This is one of our great advantages within the WindGuard Group: Our Indian customers benefit from synergies, direct communication channels and our comprehensive service portfolio along the entire value chain of a wind energy project in combination with indepth knowledge of the Indian market thanks to our local experts. For Adani, this accelerated the entire process significantly.”


WindGuard Certification – Tailored Certification Solutions

WindGuard Certification is an independent DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065 accredited certification body for wind turbines and other renewable energies based in Varel, Germany. Its comprehensive range of testing and certification services includes, among others, the certification of electrical characteristics, power generating units (PGU), components and power generating plants (PGP), type and project certification, site suitability evaluation conformity assessment as well as the certification for lifetime extension. Additionally, WindGuard Certification operates a test laboratory in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 which is accredited for measurements according to FGW TR 3, IEC 61400-21-1, VDE 0214-100 as well as NTS, CEA and CEI 0-16. WindGuard Certification receives national and international recognition, is a member of IECRE and numerous expert committees for the development of certification and testing standards and is recognised by the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) as a certification body for offshore projects.


Adani Wind – Creating wind energy solutions for a cleaner and greener planet

Adani Wind, the wind energy solutions division of Adani New Industries Limited (ANIL), is focused on ena- bling the clean energy transition globally. The company has an integrated manufacturing ecosystem for Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) located in Mundra, Gujarat, India. The blade manufacturing unit and the nacelle and hub assembly unit located closer to the Mundra port, gives Adani Wind the advantage to supply in the domestic and international markets. Adani Wind envisions to become a leading global wind Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and is ramping up the Mundra facility to 5 GW. With in-house R&D team and technology collaborations with leading academic and research institutes, Adani Wind is focused on developing technologically advanced next-generation wind turbines. Adani Wind is expanding and creating a diverse product portfolio suitable for all wind regimes in India and across the globe.