Press release

SANY Renewable Energy Making Huge Impact at HUSUM WIND 2023

As one of the most important exhibitions in global renewable energy market, HUSUM WIND 2023 has its grand opening on September 12th in Husum, Germany. SANY Renewable Energy proudly presents itself in this event and unveils its latest 919 turbine platform. With the cutting-edge technologies in intelligent manufacturing, hydrogen production with wind power, intelligent operation and maintenance systems being showcased on the exhibition, SANY successfully demonstrates its commitment to transforming global energy, optimizing operation efficiency and delivering value-added products and services to its clients.


During the first 2 days of the exhibition, SANY RE received a lot of attention from visitors and the media. Recharge, Wind Power Monthly and LEE NRW all had exclusive interviews with Mr. Deng Haijun, Deputy General Manager of SANY Renewable Energy European Company, during which he elaborated on SANY RE’s outlook for market penetration and business expansion strategy in different markets and answered questions regarding the highly expected 919 Platform.


The official launch of 919 wind turbine Platform on 13th is set to be the “star event” of the whole exhibition for SANY RE. 919 Platform adopts a more integrated design and products on the 919 Platform share structural components such as hub, main shaft and front bedplate, and blades, gearboxes and electrical systems are designed as modular systems to cover 8.5 MW to 11 MW products with rotor diameter ranging from 214 m to 230 m through different combinations, significantly increasing the efficiency and reliability of R&D. Visitors saw the 919 Platform model on display and watched the live speech from the domain champions. Meanwhile, SANY RE is also to hold stand parties at its booth on 13th and 14th between 6pm to 8pm.


As the theme of SANY RE’s exhibition goes, SANY is dedicated to Ensuring a Sustainable Future for Mankind and has set an ambitious goal and clear road map to growing into to a global leader in clean energy equipment and services. Comprehensive events and speeches are planned at its booth, and SANY RE is ready to bring more surprise to visitors with its products and technologies at Husum Wind 2023! Come and meet SANY RE at 1D18.