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LLC Fuhrlaender Windtechnology

Fuhrlaender Windtechnology LLC is a high-tech company thatprovides a full range of activities related to wind energy business – designing, production, installation, dispatching, service maintenance of multi megawatt wind turbines, as well as foundation of a localized production. Our product range includes WTs of 2.0 MW, 2.5 MW and 3.2 MW. The Ñompany does not only supply wind turbines but undertakes warranty for their reliable operation for 20 years.


Standnummer: 5A14
LLC Fuhrlaender Windtechnology Ordzhonikidze St, 6 84306 Kramatorsk, Dontsk region
Phone: +38 6264 68266 Fax: +38 6264 66211 Mail: Website: