1. September 2021

TTG –The patented procedure for targeted equal distibution of the axial bolt pretensioning force

If a bolt is in a high pretensioned condition, bolt elongation and flange compression have occurred. Until now it has not been possible to ensure a 100% flank contact with equal distribution of force between the bolt thread and the nut. A distortion of the loaded thread results and it is not equivalent with the original geometry of the nut. Therefore resulting in an extremely loaded bolt, which can result in known breakages in the first thread turn.

With TTG Schaaf has developed the procedure to copy the profile of the high pretensioned bolt connection in the nut area and transfers it to the nut. This means the nut is adjusted to the high pretensioned bolt. Thus stress concentrations are avoided and the nut lies exactly over the complete area, respectively, distributes the forces over the complete thread geometry.


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Everything at Schaaf is about hydraulic high-pressure technology, hydraulic pretension mechanism, hydraulic nuts and their accessories. Today a variety of high-pressure tools are part of the product range for the whole industry.
The advantages of the hydraulic pretension mechanism tools come to use equally in all fields of application. With the screw tensioning devises and hydraulic nuts, connections can be tightened with the highest degree of accuracy and protocolled with greatest accuracy. During pure axial pretension force creation, no torsion force occurs, the screws are not subjected to force and twisting does not stress the bolts. Schaaf GmbH & Co KG is specialized in the development and manufacturing of:
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