6. September 2021

GripCon – Revolutionised solution for flange connections

The new innovative and patent pending development GripCon sets new standards in joining technology using high-pressure technology by SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG.
Due to omission of conventional bolt connection elements, unprecedented construction possibilities arise, with one- and two-sided connections. GripCon is mounted like a normal bolt in the component, comparable to a stud, without any projecting elements. This method does not only increase efficiency, but can save a lot of material.
GripCon technology is based on both ExpaTen bolt, which is well-tried in long-term application and certified by notable classification societies, and on the shaft connection GripLoc. It unites advantages of both. Reduced amount of connections, extremely high torque transmission, even with sudden change of turning direction and quick and safe installation, disassembly and re-installation – even after years of application.
Since installation procedures were simplified due to high-pressure technology and 100% complementary mounting tools, the installation can be performed by customers themselves enabling potential savings.

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